No More Flight Shame – Is Commercial Clean Flying In Our Future?

Are you concerned about what your air miles are doing to our earth? Is there such a thing as clean flying?

Frequent travel by jetting off to Bali, New York, or Paris has lost its glamorous appeal, as even jet-setters have begun swapping planes for trains. From the moment Greta Thunberg thundered on our screens, the Swedish concept of “flygskam” or”flight shame” began dispersing.

But rather than imagining a future where either earth is engulfed in fiery flames, or that we live in a world that is hard to navigate as it was a century ago, we must change the kind of aircraft we use.

The sun’s rays bathe our world with …

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Learn What Parts Are Needed To Build Your DIY Drone

Flying a drone is an awesome experience! The joy of a DIY drone zooming in and out of epic places fully immersed in the pilot’s perspective is tough to beat. It’s something which lots of folks are eager to take up; however, they’re uncertain on how to create a drone, where to begin. The largest obstacle for many is getting their hands in their first drone, with several hobbyists opting to construct their own.

To make your own drone can feel like an intimidating undertaking, and there is a mountain of information to wade through before anything starts making sense. Luckily, it is not as difficult as it sounds, and with a little advice, you …

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The Light-Sport Aircraft Industry Is Alive

The Light-Sport Aircraft is still around, but it is a niche or specialty industry with some breakout winners.  The first Light-Sport Aircraft rule has been with us for more than 15 years, so plenty of time to get real data on things.

First, let’s be precise about what we’re measuring. Discussions about “light sport” flying comprise both LSAs as an airplane group and the Sport Pilot as a pilot certification level. All these are related ideas but different; a commercial pilot can fly an LSA, but a Sport Pilot cannot operate a Cirrus.…

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FAA Regulations For Amateur-Built Airplane Kits

We hear the term “experimental” used within the sport aviation industry regularly. The most common usage of experimental applies to a classification of an airworthiness certificate used for an amateur-built airplane. This is different from the airworthiness category assigned to a plane that’s mass-produced by a manufacturer, which is then sold to the general public.

We will explore the meaning of the word experimental in this article.  The Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) about the performance of experimental planes can be complicated. We will try to clarify the confusion that exists and also to simplify the regulations as they apply to build an aircraft. Each phase of construction and operating an airplane will be …

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Flying As Passenger On A Solar Airplane

Believe it or not, the sun has been powering aircraft in continued flight since the 1980s, states Tony Tao, a Ph.D. trainee in Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. Tao clarifies that NASA and its subcontractors have been at the forefront of development for solar-powered aircraft, having created the Pathfinder, Centurion and most recently, Helios. All three aircraft are remotely piloted, use batteries and fuel cells to keep power for nighttime flying, and are “all-wing” in structure.

In 2016, Facebook slid in on the action with Aquila, a solar-powered airplane designed to provide internet connectivity to areas without internet providers (probably to help boost Facebook accounts and do a good deed).

Many of these …

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Great 3D Printing Plans For Drones

Radio controlled drones are remarkably popular, and you can get them in all sizes and shapes. In the modern era, one particular sort of drone has witnessed a sudden increase in demand: micro quadcopters. They fit in your hands but may be powered by a two-cell Li-Po battery and high-RPM brushless motors, so that they may have a great deal of power. Blend it with first-person video transmission, and you’ve got one fantastic toy that is nearly indestructible.

And these days, we will show that remote controlled UAVs and our 3D printers are an ideal match! We are going to explain to you how to create a cheap, yet powerful, 3D printed miniature …

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FAA Proposed Rule Changes for Light Sport Aircrafts

Things are changing for Light-Sport Aircraft, rather positively so in my admittedly personal opinion.

This article will offer some new light to an enterprise approaching its 15th birthday (in September 2019). We believe you may be surprised by some of the things.

The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA), General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) for the light aircraft industry, and its partner, the U.S. Ultralight Association (USUA), have been heads-down focusing on enhancing the chances for Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA).…

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Can We Start Traveling On Solar Powered Airplanes?

The idea of flying a plane that uses solar power is smart and good for the environment in the long-run. Many people may be warming up to the concept of a solar airliner, but there are other issues to consider. Indeed, the idea is good, but the plane that belongs to this category cannot transform the aviation industry in future.

The primary issue that arises in the development of solar aircraft pertains to their sustainability. Many people may be interested in knowing if solar planes can sustain long distances and heavy loads on solar power only. In other words, the main issue is about the performance of solar planes.

Factors such as power, weight and …

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Give A DIY Drone Kit This Christmas

There will be no escaping drones this holiday season. Amazon is not yet able to deliver presents on Christmas morning with their drone-based courier service. But, there are still plenty of commercial drones and quadcopters on the shelves. These UAVs come in all shapes and sizes, and there is something out there for all drone pilots.

There are two options for drone enthusiasts this Christmas – a new model that’s ready to fly, or a kit.

The idea of a DIY drone kit may have passed some consumers buy. This alternative product is an excellent idea for drone enthusiasts that want to learn, build and maybe race their very own drone.

There are lots of …

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How To Get A Light Sports Pilot Aircraft License

The ability to fly is something that still astounds humankind. Children find themselves fascinated by planes, birds, and superheroes that can leave the ground and soar miles above. This fascination doesn’t always go away in adulthood as many people dream of being able to leave the ground themselves, if only for a short flight. Some are content with commercial flights in helicopters and planes. Others go to extremes of wing-suits to jump from mountains.

Many hold on to the desire to control a plane of their own, on their own, and want to become a pilot.  There are many challenges with the Private Pilot License for many hopeful trainees.

A full pilot’s license is not …

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10 Cheap DIY Camera Drone Kits

Build DIY camera Drone KitsDIY Drone Kits

These days pilots are using camera drones to shoot photography with extraordinary clarity and quality.

Aerial footage can be stunningly beautiful, but only if the pilot is skilled and has the right equipment.

Usually, a fully tested ready-to-fly UAV for taking pictures costs $1,000 or more. The best camera drones are often the most expensive and cheaper models often can’t measure up to their performance

That said, if you’re willing to build one yourself, there are plenty of DIY kits available for purchase that come with everything you need to get your camera into the sky.

Here is a list of 10 DIY drone kits for the those looking to build their …

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How Does A Solar Aircraft Actually Work?

Getting Inside A Solar Powered Aircraft

Solar powered aircraft have been around for decades, but for the general public, it’s news to them.

Solar airplanes do not function the way normal planes do, and a ride in one would be quite different as well.

First, the flight couldn’t start at night. It would have to begin in the morning on a day with little cloud coverage. Once the onboard solar generator had collected and stored enough energy, it could be slowly steered down the runway.

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4 Great DIY Aircraft You Can Build On Your Own

DIY Aircraft

Some pilots are taking aircraft in the skies that they have built and designed themselves. Here is a list of 4 DIY aircraft that have been built by some great pilots and shows that how dedication and hard work can lead you to put efforts for making your aircraft.

 1. Savor  savor

Chris Christiansen is somewhat of a prodigy builder. This aeronautic genius designed and built his plane The Savor in    only 15 Months. He is a self-taught designer that sketches out his designs with pencil and paper.

The high-winged Savor was made to be a long range airplane and looks professionally manufactured. It can fly with a speed of 200 miles per …

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How To Build A DIY Drone: From Beginning to End

Building A Drone

Good drones don’t come cheap, so some pilots are willing to take on the challenge of building their own. They can buy their parts and assemble them into a fully-functional unmanned aerial vehicle. Standard camera drones can be made with all new parts at home for around $300. Some parts can be purchased used for additional savings.

Before beginning research, before a single item is bought, the builder needs to consider function. What type of drone does he want to build? Will it be for capturing pictures and videos? Is the builder just looking for something fun to fly that is a step up from the typical remote controlled airplane? After the …

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How To Build A Light Sports Aircraft – In Your Garage

Light Sports Aircraft

Many people are shocked when they read about DIY drone kits, airplanes, and other amateur-made light sports aircraft. Not only are these light sport aircraft models able to be manufactured legally, but they can also be flown too.

The Federal Aviation Authority has no problem with anyone building their aircraft as long as they follow the rules. Here’re some of the necessary regulations:

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