No More Flight Shame – Is Commercial Clean Flying In Our Future?

Are you concerned about what your air miles are doing to our earth? Is there such a thing as clean flying?

Frequent travel by jetting off to Bali, New York, or Paris has lost its glamorous appeal, as even jet-setters have begun swapping planes for trains. From the moment Greta Thunberg thundered on our screens, the Swedish concept of “flygskam” or”flight shame” began dispersing.

But rather than imagining a future where either earth is engulfed in fiery flames, or that we live in a world that is hard to navigate as it was a century ago, we must change the kind of aircraft we use.

The sun’s rays bathe our world with …

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Flying As Passenger On A Solar Airplane

Believe it or not, the sun has been powering aircraft in continued flight since the 1980s, states Tony Tao, a Ph.D. trainee in Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. Tao clarifies that NASA and its subcontractors have been at the forefront of development for solar-powered aircraft, having created the Pathfinder, Centurion and most recently, Helios. All three aircraft are remotely piloted, use batteries and fuel cells to keep power for nighttime flying, and are “all-wing” in structure.

In 2016, Facebook slid in on the action with Aquila, a solar-powered airplane designed to provide internet connectivity to areas without internet providers (probably to help boost Facebook accounts and do a good deed).

Many of these …

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Can We Start Traveling On Solar Powered Airplanes?

The idea of flying a plane that uses solar power is smart and good for the environment in the long-run. Many people may be warming up to the concept of a solar airliner, but there are other issues to consider. Indeed, the idea is good, but the plane that belongs to this category cannot transform the aviation industry in future.

The primary issue that arises in the development of solar aircraft pertains to their sustainability. Many people may be interested in knowing if solar planes can sustain long distances and heavy loads on solar power only. In other words, the main issue is about the performance of solar planes.

Factors such as power, weight and …

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How Does A Solar Aircraft Actually Work?

Getting Inside A Solar Powered Aircraft

Solar powered aircraft have been around for decades, but for the general public, it’s news to them.

Solar airplanes do not function the way normal planes do, and a ride in one would be quite different as well.

First, the flight couldn’t start at night. It would have to begin in the morning on a day with little cloud coverage. Once the onboard solar generator had collected and stored enough energy, it could be slowly steered down the runway.

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Solar Impluse 2: An Amazing Solar Powered Aircraft

The entire world is promoting the use of greener energy. Global aviation industries are investing in the development of solar powered aircraft. Over time, the use of renewable to fly planes and other aircraft could save time and preserve the environment.

Solar Impulse 2

The Solar Impulse 2 is a Swiss built solar-powered plane that has taken off from the United Arab Emirates on a quest to circle the globe fueled only by photonic energy.Solar Impulse 2 sun powered aircraft

Seventeen thousand solar panels cover its two hundred thirty-six foot wing span.These panels convert energy from the sun’s rays to charge the lithium ion batteries.

Each of the plane’s propellers is controlled by electric motors linked to the batteries.…

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10 Solar-Powered Airplanes That Changed The World

 Solar Powered Aircraft

Solar power has made its way into the field of aviation technology. Researchers are developing and have developed some groundbreaking solar-powered aircraft that could change the future of flight.

Using the power of the sun is a great way for manufacturers to be kinder to the environment and save the plane owner money over time. Here is a list 10 incredible approach for solar powered airplanes:

1. Pathfinder

When the Pathfinder was first assembled, its very existence was a top secret military endeavor. Developed for thePathfinder solar powered plane purpose of capturing lengthy surveillance from high altitudes, the project was terminated, and the Pathfinder would then be kept in storage for over a decade.

In …

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