Design And Development

AeroCanard Design, Development, And Specifications

Aerocanard is the name given to a variety of amateur-built flying machines manufactured in Florissant, Missouri. Purchasers of the AeroCanard kits can follow the instructions provided in their kit to complete their aircraft.

Anyone can buy, assemble, and legally pilot their DIY aircraft after the appropriate steps are taken to stay within the Federal Aviation Administration’s guidelines.


Once put together, the Aerocanard aircraft is designed to carry one pilot and up to three passengers. They are approximately seventeen feet long and have a wingspan of around twenty-eight feet.The tank can hold about fifty gallons of fuel, which gives it a lot of time in the air without needing to be refueled.

The design of the AeroCanard is unique. Each aircraft comes equipped with the easily recognizable canard tail, a cabin that can seat up to four passengers, cantilever mid-wing, and a single engine in classic pusher form. Models vary when it comes to the configuration of their landing gears, with some models built with a retractable nose wheel and main stationary wheels; some are made with all wheels being fully retractable.

Aircraft Features      defiant15

Manufactured from composite materials, the AeroCanard has a twenty-eight-foot wingspan and a recommended engine energy range from one hundred sixty to two hundred horsepower.

It can support up to one ton of weight including its weight. The engine is a Lycoming IO 360 four cylinder, fuel injected, air cooled, two hundred horsepower, four stroke engine.The propeller is constructed to maintain continuous speed through its three-bladed design.

What To Expect

Those who pilot a finished AeroCanard should be able to maintain an average cruise speed of 210 miles per hour. Upon stalling, the speed should drop to around seventy-eight miles per hour.The rate of climb tends to be around one thousand nine hundred feet per minute, with a one thousand mile range and twenty-one pound per square foot wing load.

More About AeroCanard

Included In The Kit

AeroCanard is a DIY aircraft kit that comes in four pieces. Jeff Russell is the founder of AeroCanard and is proud of the exceptionally roomy, simplistic design of the plane.

The plane takes most builders anywhere from twelve hundred to fifteen hundred hours to completely assemble. The kit comes with a lot of the smaller parts that some other airplane kits often neglect to include.

Although the lower fuselage, strakes, spars, top, and foam cores don’t always take professional hands to fabricate, they are time-consuming to make.These along with other difficult to find/make parts are included in an Aerocanard kit.

AeroCanard kits can come with all the pieces at one time or can be broken down into petite kits with fewer parts that can include or exclude the hardware. Those considering building an AeroCanard can thus choose whichever suits their needs best. Some of the kits even have resin and paintbrushes included for any final touches to their new aircraft once it has been entirely assembled.

Comparison To Cozy

Many who attend the experimental aircraft conventions were quick to point out the exterior resemblance that the AeroCanard has to another popular plane  the Cozy.

There is a reason why the two favor each other so much; AeroCanard was being produced by the makers of the Cozy at one point in time.Though they may look very similar on the outside, the AeroCanard has its definitive design. The AeroCanard is built with comfort in mind.

This design offers the pilot two more inches of headroom width than the Cozy MKIV and the head passenger space has a three and a half inch wider, two inches taller opening which gives the crew a little bit more room to move around.

The AeroCad has other qualities that distinguish it from the Cozy as well. The Cozy will only allow its pilot the ability to adjust its brakes and rudder pedals on the right side.The AeroCad lets its users manipulate the brakes and rudder pedals from both right and left sides. Cozy’s brake is completely manual, whereas the brake on the AeroCanard is controlled electronically.

The AeroCanard also can stop when it is on the ground quicker than the Cozy can. That is due to the tires and brakes being significantly larger and sturdier than those installed on the Cozy.



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